Posted by: trimitup | January 19, 2013

A Lefty Article

A funny!!

I was looking at a Ravelry forum for us lefties and found this really good article someone posted about lefties.  The article originally came from several years ago and is titled: “Knitting in the mirror“.

I’m left handed and most of the time I don’t even think about it till I start knitting cables, reading charts or when knitting socks.  My cables come out backwards and when reading charts I have to remember to read the chart from right to left.  (Not a big deal)  But it’s small things like this that can become big problems later if your not paying attention.  Patterns are written for right handed people so us lefties can have issues sometimes.  I’m not asking that patterns should be written for us because there’s only about 10% of left handed knitters out there…..don’t want to be a bully!! Haha!  By the way……… don’t even try calligraphy 😦  Very messy situation.

Click the link above if your a lefty or want to get more insight about your lefties friends or students.

Another funny!!…..and so true!

My husband and I are going to the Ball this evening, no really!!  We get to dress up and everything, just something the company my husband works for likes to do every once in a while.

Happy knitting : )




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  2. […] A Lefty Article ( […]

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