Posted by: trimitup | November 4, 2012

knitting Blogs and Cozy Winner

If you like to read knitting blogs then you will really like this  (Powered by Blog Nation) If you are a knit blogger then it could be a useful site to you as well. I have joined and will be ranked (listed) on their site according to how many times people click on this badge (boost button).  I would love to be closer to the top so if you would be so kind as to click the boost button on this link would be much appreciated!!  Thanks!

The winner of the fall cozy is Marge, thank you for taking the time to comment!

Both my husband and I have been hit with some kind of cold/flu bug.  We had a flu shots last Monday but started feeling bad the next day.  Finally starting to feel better today……makes you think twice about getting a flu shot huh, probably just a timing thing and were going to get sick anyway.

Have a great week and happy knitting : )



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