Posted by: trimitup | October 24, 2012

Day 24 {31 Days} of Cup Cozies – Leaves and Swirls

Day 24 of {31} Days of Cup Cozies Challenge – Leaves and Swirls.

Interesting color combination.  These were the colors suggested and since I like black and white, I though I would give it a go!  It’s suppose to be an eerie effect.  This design took about one and a half hours from start to finish, that is, if you count the hooping, color changes, cutting threads after each color change and dealing with taking off topper and cutting away stablelizer.  I know….. too much informaton. haha!

Embroidering on the cozies has giving me a chance to see what the designs look like because I have not embroidered most of them.  I have a lot of designs that are some what organized on my computer.  About three years ago my computer crashed and I did not have all the designs saved……so let that be a lesson to me! arggg.  Now my designs are saved to my Drop Box account, much safer (I hope!)

Todays cozy at my Etsy shop below:

Happy knitting : )



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