Posted by: trimitup | October 7, 2012

31 Days (Day 7) of Cup Cozies – Snowman

For day 7 – {31 days} of cup cozies!

A snowman cozy for those who already have cold weather and for those wishing it is cold now.

Southern California is finally getting some relief from the unusually hot weather we had late summer to now getting a well deserved cool down.

Late this summer our tomato plant was hit with white flies.  We never had that problem before, it’s usually the dreaded horn worm.  At first I didn’t know what was attacking the tomato plant, but with a closer look I noticed these tiny little white specks.  Well, they are impossible to get rid of and just when I thought I was out of the clear…..they came back again.  Then the little flies attacked the kitties catnip and our basil, and flowers.  The only thing standing in our patio is all our cactus and lime tree.  I have since done some research…… so that next year the plants will be protected from those little white speck!!

Have a cool day and happy knitting : )




  1. Too cute. You’re doing a really great job with these.

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