Posted by: trimitup | June 29, 2012

A Simpler Time


Went to the Del Mar Fair last week-end and had a great time as usual.  Met a lady there who has an Alpaca business in El Cajon  They will process your alpaca yarn for you (I think that means clean and spin your fiber) They also teach spinning and dying of your fiber!  Plus, they even teach bread making.

If you have never knit or crocheted with alpaca yarn then you must give it  a try……it is so incredibly soft to work with and to wear against your skin (yummy).

I knit these  fingerless gloves from alpaca bulky yarn a few years ago…….just wish I could wear them, but because we live in Southern California there is not much use for them.  Guess I could cuddle them haha!


Portia says I take too many pictures of her.  She is laying on a kneading cloth I made for my kitties last year.  They like to knead on me……. the problem is that sometimes my clothes get snags by their claws so I designed this cloth for them (and me).  The kneading cloth is posted on Ravelry if interested in knitting one for you and your kitties.

Happy knitting!  : )



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