Posted by: trimitup | June 9, 2011

Embellish knit gadget

I love gadgets…… found a new one called the Embellish Knit.  This one makes i-cords for embellishing purses, making flowers, buttons etc.  I make a lot of  i-cords for various project like hats, bag and such.  So I though I’d give this one a try.  Love, love, love it!   


Here’s the link:

It is recommended to use Caron yarnbut I found that any soft yarn will work.  It is also recommended to use fingering to sport weight yarn but found that you can use worsted weight if you go slow which the instructions suggest anyway.  The gadget makes cords so much faster than with DPN’s and looks so nice and even too!  You need to go slowly at first but once it’s going it’s great.  Sometime I found that the cord doesn’t look right at first, but you can cut off the very beginning later and unravel it so it looks the same at both ends.  It’s a great little gadget.

Give it a try!

Happy knitting : )



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