Posted by: trimitup | April 14, 2011

Birthday girl…..

My birthday is Saturday and my sister and brother in-law are coming to visit from northern California. I am so excited to see them!!! My sister and I used to celebrate our birthdays by taking each other out for lunch and then we’d go shopping (So much fun). But now that I moved away we can’t do that. She wanted to surprise me by coming on my birthday this year.

So I won’t be knitting much this week-end because my husband and I will be showing them around. We are also thinking of going to the Wild Animal park in Escondido, I think it’s now called Safari park.

I’m knitting my sister a pair on pocket book slippers by Lisa Vienneau & Allison Barrett for her arrival. These slippers are nice for travel, hope she likes them! I’m making them in blue, not what’s pictured here. Got the pattern from Ravelry.

Happy knitting 🙂



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