Posted by: trimitup | March 24, 2011

6 months since the big move!

Just an update! It has been 6 months now since the big move and it’s been a ride, I must say!  Our move to Southern California came to a surprise last year when the company where my husband worked closed their doors and moved to China.  My husband took a new job in Southern California which meant we had to move and I had to leave my job.  We had to say good-by to all our family, friends and neighbors; saying goodby to my knitting friends & favorite knitting store was hard too!  I’m happy to say that John is in the groove with work and loving it.

Though its beautiful here it’s just not the same without family here.  I’ve had to learn to be proactive in learning a new city and finding all the new knitting stores (Most important).  Making new friends is not easy and I must make a conscious effort to do so, like taking some knit classes for starters.  Maybe a jewelry class too!   I have visited three yarn stores now (not including craft stores), and all are so completely different.  More on that another soon!  I’ve learned to blog for sanity reasons and to stay connected. 

All in all it’s not so bad… people have pointed out, there’s lots to do here.  Lots of new restaurants to explore, and the beaches are beautiful and of course the weather is not bad either.  We have entered a new chapter in our lives and must move forward to what God has planned for us here.  

The Kitty sign says "spoiled rotten cats live here!"

Happy knitting!

marilynknits 🙂


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