Posted by: trimitup | January 25, 2011

Sunny days for knitting!!!

There is something to say about a sunny day, even if it’s a bit chilly. I find that even knitting is more fun in the sun!!! Guess you can tell I’m a native Californian! I would not want to live anywhere else. My mood seems to go downhill as soon as the sky gets cloudy. What a wimp you say? Maybe! Don’t get me wrong, I do knit all year round.

When it’s sunny outside I can see my knitting projects that I’m working on a little better because I can get more light. And if I’m doing some felting work, it dries much quicker than on a cloudy day. For instance the felted tote pictured here would have probably taken up to a week to dry! There is a lot of wool tied up in this tote and when I felted it, it became very dense. (Felting wool is a process by where hot water and agitation are applied to the wool to make the wool shrink.) But more on that for another day. : )

Happy knitting! marilynknits


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